Virtual High-Five: A Smattering of Reading

To substitute for a lack of writing on my part, here are some things I have been reading lately:

For the Blind, Technology Does What a Guide Dog Can't
By Miguel Helft
An interesting read from the NY Times about the use of technology for the blind.

Epistemological Pluralism and Revaluation of the Concrete
by Sherry Turkle and Seymour Papert
Don't be intimidated by the title. This is a brilliant paper about computers and approaches to education. Best article I've read this year.

A Palace in Time: Supporting Children's Spiritual Development through New Technologies
by Marina Bers
Inspired by Heschel's phrase a "palace in time" about the Jewish Sabbath, this article explores the spiritual development of children through interaction in a virtual world, Zora, created by the author.

Autonomous Military Robotics: Risks, Ethics, and Design
by Ethics & Emerging Technologies Group at Cal Poly
As robots becoming increasingly prevalent in military technology, the ethical questions become more and more difficult. This report explores those issues. It is lengthy, but worth skimming.

Twitter and Status Updating Memo

by Pew Internet & American Life Project
A six page memo that paints a portrait of the average Twitter user in comparison to other social media outlets. "11% of online adults use Twitter or update their status online. Twitter users are mobile, less tethered by technology."


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