Poetry in Technology

Let's continue to be innovative in the way we present our art.

A couple of hours ago, I was digging around some of the poetry I wrote for an undergraduate class. There was one file that stuck out - David and I are not so different. Is it my best work? No. It was a result of one blistering hour at Panera - free-form, loosely structured, and stream-of-conscious writing at it's best.

But I remember wishing that the line-breaks would be more prominent. I wanted a breath between words, or some way to tell my reader "sit on these awhile". I was never satisfied with the result.

Tonight, I tried something different. I took the same poem and tossed it in PowerPoint. I translated stanzas into different slides. I tore out subtle pauses and made them visually evident. I tried not to mess with the typography and design too much, but you'll see that there were a couple of times where I just couldn't help myself. The point of this exercise is less a visual experience and more an experiment of pacing.

So sit back and enjoy.
(Note: Please use full-screen mode. I think it is much more immersive)

How did it work for you?

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